Monday, 13 April 2009

2mm buildings comparison: Part 2

A late entry, now, into the debate on suitable buildings for use with 2mm minis, and a somewhat unconventional idea on what to use. Yes, you've guessed it, 1/3000th scale ones!

"What!" I hear you cry, "we thought he was going a bit too far when he started talking about 1/12ooth for use with 1/900th figures - now he's really lost the plot...."

Well, in typically unmathematical fashion (Scale purists should look away now), I'm throwing away all the various zeros, and putting down a few more comparison photos of some buildings I've just got hold of, concentrating on the 'look' of them when next to 2mm figures.

In the photo above, we have, from the right, 1/1200th Rod Langton, in the middle foreground, Irregular's IKS10, and at the rear and extreme left, the new bee in my bonnet, Navwar's 1/3000th Harbour Pieces.

These were, of course, obtained in order to put together some terrain for my '55 Days at Sea' naval project, and as you can see below, consisted of a pack of 3MH5 Sailing Era strips of Storehouses & 3MH5A Extensions, and one of 3MH6 Sailing Era Workshops & 3MH6A Dockyard House.

The casting and sculpting definition on these pieces is not that great, although it is certainly no worse than the IKS10 from Irregular, and the proportions overall are quite nice. The strips of storehouses measure some 40mm long, and come with two extension pieces that have an overlapping dormer roof, (That unfortunately does not have a high enough pitch, so will need some creative basing to get it to fit), two of each in the pack at £1.10, so if you're searching for look-alikes for terraced housing, these will compare very well with the single row IKS4 available from Irregular themselves, which retails at £1.50.

That depends, of course, on whether you're sceptical about such small scale buildings fitting with 2mm minis, but bear with me....

We see below Langton, Irregular and Navwar 1/3000th next to two blocks of Soldados from Santa Anna's Mexican Army, so i think that, scale differences aside, the 'look' of the real estate is not too much out of synch:

These buildings are designed to replicate ones that are extremely large in real life, so punch above their weight when up against these 2mm giants:

Compare their appearance with IKS10:

Not so very different, methinks, well, at least to my eye, anyway. My weapon of choice is still the Rod Langton 1/1200th, such as the cottages seen in the last picture, and I'll be using the Navwar ones for the 1/3000th scale project as planned, but for the money, the scale impostors from them are worth a shot to add variety to your choice of 2mm property stock:

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  1. Very nice review!
    I am looking for harbour pieces for 1:2400 Tumbling Dice Napoleonic Naval ships, I can't find much pictures of those navwar casts, do you please have some more?
    And I have read that also 2mm Irregular could fit well with this ships' scale: what do you think?