Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Pirates: 1/450th Pirate Ships from Peter Pig

Target  to 'larboard!

Yar! A pair of tubs to be sure!

Run out yer guns!

I said run out yer guns ye scoundrels!

Heave-to ye scurvy dogs!

Away to the Spanish Main....Yo-Ho-Ho!

A quick bit of fun there, involving the 1/450th Pieces of Eight Pirate ship range from Peter Pig. Just found these pics when cleaning up the hard drive. I'll be working on some future posts on how to put together and paint these little beauties, but for now you can "feast yer eyes" on the No. 9 Large Warship Square Rigger shown above, including the extra Medium Guns and Deck Crew (Yer swabs!).
The targets are a couple of 1/1200th Rod Langton cutters that are actually for another project entirely, just looked good in the photos!

Anyway, keep yer damn'd eyes peeled for more on the horizon - Yar!


  1. How big are those 1/450 ships? Length, width, height, etc.

    -- Jeff

  2. Hi Jeff, I'll refer you to a post of mine over on TMP:

    The nominal size for the figures, which come in little blocks, is 4mm.
    I'll be doing a future post with all the details on this blog, sp keep checking back!

  3. hi i found the PP Pieces of Eight (1/450 ships) when looking at there ww2 15mm, and became quite interested but due to a lack of funds and no wish to get a rule book if i'm then not going to want to play it, do you know of a pdf/wedsite... of them or part of them to learn a bit more about it?

  4. Hi Aled, I'm afraid I haven't got the Pieces of of Eight rules myself, but for information, there is a good discussion on them to be seen at The Miniatures Page (TMP) here:


    I've always used the rule set Letters of Marque, which was available from freewargamesrules.co.uk:


    Hope this helps!