Monday, 1 June 2009

Dr Who in 6mm: U.N.I.T. reinforcements!

A quick update now, to the recent post on the subject of doing Dr Who using 6mm miniatures. It occurred to me that if the Doctor was to get involved in some tabletop warfare, his U.N.I.T. allies would need more than just SLRs and some Sterling SMGs! I decided then, to give them a 'Special Weapons Detachment', with radar controlled self-propelled multi-barelled guns.

As the minis from Irregular I had used as U.N.I.T. troopers were somewhat on the large side, particularly compared to the output, of say, Heroics & Ros/Navwar, I wanted something that would look suitably sized alongside them, so opted to buy some Cold War era AFVs from Skytrex.
The sculpts on these are without the crisp detail of GHQ or CinC, but are closer in size to these 1/285th miniatures, so easily fitted the bill.

First up, I wanted some transport, and although in the 1970s BBC show you never saw U.N.I.T. use anything heavier than a Land Rover or Bedford Lorry, I decided to use that suitably futuristic-looking amphibian, the Alvis Stalwart; I'd always liked these since owning a Dinky toy version as a lad.

For the heavy elements, I went for the FV432 APC as a base, firstly with the Cymbeline Mortar Locating Radar on board, which inspite of being a real-world vehicle, still looks quite futuristic, and this would link up with a conversion using the weapons element from a Brigade Models German Thrall Hover Truck, with AA mounting:

The Doctor despairs at the Brigadier's insistence on employing a sledgehammer to crack a nut: "I prefer a sonic screwdriver, old boy!"

Commander Lynx, like all Sontarans, a great fan of military hardware, admires U.N.I.T.'s new weapons:

The FV432 mounted system can engage all aspect targets at will, whether ground-based:

Or even in the air!

These vehicles will provide the Doctor's allies with some all-terrain heavy support, and give the Daleks some pause for thought!


  1. Nice looking models. The Alvis was indeed very cool - I had a Matchbox one.

  2. ace. game report please....

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for the comments, ah, those far off days of Dinky, Matchbox and Lesney, oh the innocence, when toy soldiers meant Airfix plastics, and wargaming proper was a futuristic dream!

    Game reports are a little way off yet, Michael, haven't yet settled on (or stolen wholesale) a suitable rule set; could be SciFi Commander, HoTT, or variants on the Salute free participation game ruleset, or even Dirtside II!
    Don't worry, though, my treasured readers will be the first to know when I finally sort out a game.

    Cheers, SteelonSand.