Tuesday, 5 January 2010

2mm Web Resources: Late Entry

Someone's been hiding their light under a bushel!
Another Blog dealing with 2mm miniatures has slipped in under the radar of the SteelonSand ever-roving eye, but have no fear, I will now rescind the error by introducing you to Mr Andrew Beasely's latest Blog. (He of "Kings Sleep" fame)

This has got going recently, and goes under the moniker "2mm Wargaming"

Currently, there's an excellent report on an idea for scratch building small scale woods that you can actually put your bases into!

Check it out at:

See, I told you 2010 would be filled with plenty more 2mm goodness!


  1. We should have conquered the world by about 2015 at this rate!

  2. Think its fair to say it did not so much as slip under your radar as I forgot to tell anyone!