Saturday, 8 May 2010

2mm Colonial: More Work in progress...

Just to prove that I haven't been totally distracted by all things maritime and Nemo-related, here are a few quick pics of the beginnings of the based up 2mm Colonial units that are slowly coming together.
Nothing unusual to look at really, just the standard 1.6mm artist's card with magnetic backing available from Tiny Tin Troops, here cut to 40x20mm size, and mounting a British Battalion in square, with a squadron of Bengal Lancers in support:

A close up of one of the companies; the Macro does rather make the basing material look a bit scattered and messy, but to the naked eye luckily has more of a complete look:

The Egyptian Camel Corps has arrived in the shape of the Irregular Ancient's range ABG23 Camelry, with a deployed base with additional RBG11 Dismounted Dragoon figures behind the BG3 skirmishers to give a firing line:

The beauty of working in a scale as small as 1/900th is that you can often mix and match the ostensible periods to give the effect you require.

I realised that I had not done enough Egyptian command figures for the company bases, so will have to rectify that in the near future; I again make use of the RBG11 strip to give officers and NCOs on foot.

Next up, an Egyptian Field Artillery battery; I used a perhaps unhistorical very pale grey for the gun carriages and limbers, just to add to the visibility, although those red fezzes certainly help!

Is it just me, or do some of the Irregular 2mm blocks look better from behind?

It may be that the definition and detail of the individual figures is a little better than the front, and I suppose that as we send the tiny troops away from our commander's eye view and into battle, this is the side we most often see...

So, nothing too exciting going on here, but at least we march onward; and yes, before I'm met with a barrage of complaints, those Elephant guns will be the next priority! :-)


  1. NICE WORK. Thanks for posting the fab pictures, makes ordering form irregular much easier.

  2. Hi guys, thanks as always, for your kind comments!

    It's looking like those few 'test stands' I started doing are beginning to get out of control as usual!

    @ Fjodin - it was your excellent 2mm Victorian redcoats and Turkish troops that got me going in the first place - so I'm blaming your influence!

    @mwowm - you're very welcome - it was one of the reasons behind me starting the Blog in the first place - I always hoped that it would become a form of useful reference/photo resource for various minis, and help give shape to both my projects and those of far, so good!