Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Robur's Albatross Update

I thought I'd post a quick update outlining the small progress on Robur's Albatross - there has been far to much 'sand' and not enough 'steel' in my commitment to the Blog recently, so I wanted to show that at least some wargaming related stuff has been taking place!

As per the excellent suggestion of El Grego after a previous post, I have uprated the drive propulsion, with the addition of two further propellor booms at the rear - these I wanted to look as scientifically unfeasible as the rest of the flight apparatus, so came out rather long and spindly.
As you can see, therefore, I added a pair of canard wings forward, in order to balance things out a little visually. She's also of course had a matt black undercoat slapped on, which has helped to homogenise her previous rather Frankenstein's Monster appearance.

So then, we have gone from this:

To this:

I think she is coming together now, although of course the next, and perhaps most important phase is the colour scheme.
I would be comfortable enough doing a Pre-Dreadnought pastiche, I suppose, but I think Robur, being similar to Nemo in disdaining the conventional world and society of Man, would have something more distinctive.
Strong, dark colours might predominate; even black would be nice and threatening I suppose, but whatever it turns out to be, it has to be unique, I think - any suggestions welcome!

I have been very lucky in stumbling across an excellent Blog page that discusses the insignia of Robur, which is described by Verne in the books, so I think some part of the scheme should reflect the flaming sun of the protagonist's coat of arms:

The upper bow section is looking a likely contender for displaying this.

For some more conventional and contemporary views of the Albatross as originally conceived, some excellent illustrations can be found here:

Each is 'clickable' for an enlarged view - I particularly like the last frame showing the Albatross in conflict with the retrograde lighter than air 'Go Ahead' !


  1. Hi SoS,

    Stunning!! It looks magnificent and what a superb job! On the subject of props I have been considering some 1/300th ideas for 'Flyingclads' using the clear plastic circular bases GW use for such things as BFG. Worth a thought methinks.

    All the best,


  2. The canards really change the silhouette - I like it.

  3. I do like this very, very much. Very inspiring, Robur must make a cameo appearance in Aeronef sometime...

  4. Very nice mod. I find black with red to be a very good mix, and am using it for one of my VSF alien factions. The yellow and black on Robur's flags from the blog you link to also looks good.

  5. Thanks guys, glad you think she's coming along all right, have to see if I can move things along soon, perhaps with a dash of both red and black, and make sure Robur is ready for an Aeronef debut!