Friday, 17 September 2010

6mm Rapier Greek Mythology: Painted Examples

Yes, you guessed it - I just couldn't resist putting brush to mini when it came to those Mythology figures from Rapier. I may have plenty of other projects on the go, but I am afraid they got pushed aside so I could have a crack at these little beauties!
Not that they necessarily ended up that beautiful after I'd been sloshing paint in their direction - but for what it's worth, here they all are!

First up, the excellent Medusa - I think she is Gorgon-gorgeous, although I found that the positioning of the bow in this sculpt is a little stiff - perhaps it would have been better to have a more active pose, although I do like the predatory way she is leaning forward whilst reaching for an arrow from her quiver:

I decided to go for a full-on viper/rattler snakeskin approach for her tail - I'm not so sure it came off entirely, but looks better than being, say, uniformly coloured:

The pavement-style base was just a quick daub to provide contrast in the photos - I think I will probably go the whole hog with these figs and do some vignette-style scenic bases - the Medusa, in particular, would look good surrounded by a few people turned to stone....

Moving on, we have the fantastic Cyclops - a really nice sculpt to work with, although I must say, I seem to have turned his menacing horn into something more resembling a quiff - oh well!

Make a cute couple, don't they?

Next up the Bull-headed Warriors; being on the large size, these are a relatively straightforward proposition, although I found it quite hard to bring out any character in the faces, this in spite of the sculpting being quite detailed - if anything, my spear armed ones turned out looking more like goats than Minatours....

Next up, the Hydra in all its scaly glory - having attached the extra three heads, quite an imposing figure:

The only thing I found difficult with this was the actual join between the body and these extra heads, it needed a bit of filing and filling to get mine it is menacing the diminutive single warrior:

If anything, this isn't a problem of a bad fit, it's just that the angle it meets the main body at is a bit acute, and to be honest, I probably was too energetic with the needle file in the first place, so had to fiddle around to get it to sit just so.

Finally, let's look at the Centaurs:

The horse-armoured pair are simply lovely to work with, and someone who has more experience and skill at this scale could make a lot of the detail that is present here; I was in a justifiable rush, given my excitement, to get these done, but a more considered approach would really pay dividends, I think.

The 'horse' archer figure obviously has a little less going for it in terms of detail to the sculpt, depicting a more basic outfit than the others, but a nicely proportioned one, nonetheless:

I just hope that this nascent range has enough interest behind it to see it put into production, hopefully with some more width and variation to subjects that might make good armies in themselves, such as these half-horses, half men, and the Minatours; but of course, I would love to see more individual monsters, as well!

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