Wednesday, 13 October 2010

2mm Web Resources: New entries!

Hello All, just a quick 'heads up' with regard to some new teeny-tiny wargaming minis appearing on the old WWW. A couple of posts have been brought to my attention, firstly at the always interesting Panzer Eight Blog, which debuted earlier this year, followed by Tim Gow's Blogsite, Megablitz and More.

Mr Gow has posted some great photos of an ACW game setup, using some interesting ideas involving generically painted 2mm forces that might be employed for a number of different protagonists and conflicts:

Panzer8, meanwhile, has been working hard on some WWI units, producing some excellent-looking British troops, mounted on particularly effective scenic bases. I particularly like his use of kitchen steel wool teased out and cut to form barbed wire:

Make sure to drop by and take a look; hope to see more from them both in the near future!


  1. Great to see more people enjoying 2mm! I think WWI in 2mm is my absolute favourite.

  2. Hi dicehead, yes, WWI is underrated, I think, and the 2mm tanks from Irregular are particularly nice sculpts!