Tuesday, 8 February 2011

3mm ACW Update: Photos of Newest Releases just published

Just a quick update to let everyone who enjoyed the previous review post know that just as I was hoping for future releases, my wish was instantly granted and PicoArmour in the U.S. currently have some pictures of the hot-off-the-press Cavalry, Cavalry Command and Dismounted Cavalry (with Horse-holders!) on their website:

All look really good, very much in the vein of the previous releases - only drawback for me is that I understand Fighting 15s here in the UK are currently out of stock.... :-(


  1. Shout out to your blog on LEad Doesn't Bleed right now.

    Also basing suggestions.


  2. Wow! what can I say, thanks for the heads up, and the amazingly detailed ideas you've outlined there - I really appreciate the input - and just when I thought I could let this project slide off the radar :-)