Wednesday, 20 April 2011

In Memoriam....

Elisabeth Sladen 1948 ~ 2011

Forever Sarah Jane Smith


  1. She was the companion I really recall clearly watching as I grew up. RIP


    K9 must be heartbroken.

    I know I am. I always loved her, as one of my favorite companions. The recent episode with her and Billie Piper as Rose was one of my favorites of the Tennant years.

  3. SOS, I have chosen you to receive the Stylish Blogger Award. The details can be found here:

  4. BTW, is that TARDIS a scratchbuild? I think I need to do one for random placement on tables as we game.

  5. Thanks for the comments, gents, yes, truly a sad loss - it's always hard when you see those icons of our youth pass away - for me, from the Planet of the Spiders onwards, she was always the definitive companion - I also hadn't realised that the Actor who played 'the Brigadier', Nicholas Courtney, had also passed away earlier this year - at least they will live on in some of the best Dr Who episodes ever....

    Hi J, yes, that little Tardis is a scratch-build, or, in my normal style, merely a conglomeration of odd bits of rubbish laying around - the paintjob is also more expressive than accurate, but I kind of like it!

    Hi Tas, well, Holy Heck, I can only say that I am stunned and honoured by your generous nomination - not quite sure I can live up to such a title, but I am certainly very grateful for the thought - I really appreciate all the support you have shown from the start, and can't thank you enough for the recognition - all I can say is that I am standing on the shoulders of Giants, yourself included....

  6. I've nominated you as well!



  7. Thanks Jim, you're a gent - and it's not as if I can even dream of approaching your own amazing work rate, so I think given the quality of your own Blog, any nominations should have been the other way round!