Wednesday, 29 June 2011

2mm Web Resources: Nice shots of a game in progress

Just a small update to the occasional series on 2mm related things that can be found out there on the Web; this time a great After Action Report with plenty of pictures from Tim Gow's excellent Blog, Megablitzandmore, of Blenheim 1704 in 2mm.

It's great to see the little 2mm blighters in use in an actual game - there aren't enough photos available of them in action, as it were - so hurrah for Tim, Martin Rapier and their fellow club members - definitely a set of photos worth a look, if you haven't spotted them already!


  1. Thanks for the mention - I've not used my own 2mm toys for ages, so I really must find the time to smarten them up a bit. Some years ago I did have a wild idea about a Gettysburg game...

  2. thanx for providing us 2mm links

  3. Hi Tim, you and your gaming mates are very welcome - as I said, it's nice to see 2mm actually in use for a change - feel free to follow up on your Gettysburg idea, too!

    @Fjodin, you're very welcome - just something I'd spotted at the 2mm Yahoo Group - as it's members only, thought I'd flag it up to a slightly wider audience...