Thursday, 5 January 2012

Fleet Scale Sci-Fi: Star Trek WIP sneak peek!

Just to prove that I haven't disappeared up my own Warp Core over the festive break, thought I'd post a couple of work in progress pics on the various Star Trek vessels.

Have had an absolute blast painting these; nothing too fancy - quick and dirty as usual, but turning out quite well so far.

The Klingon D7 also is looking good, I think, although the hand drawn insignia is a bit rough and ready - the main stumbling block has been those dratted registration numbers on the Federation ships - both brush and micro-pen drawn ones are not really looking the part - so we shall see how things go over the weekend, and then hopefully some photos of the completed flotilla to follow.....


  1. Hi Sos,

    Love the D7! Good call re the numbers as well - certainly beat me on more than one occasion!

    All the best,


  2. Hi guys, thanks for the comments - can't pretend they're going to be winning any painting competitions, but they have been fun to do...