Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Minifigs Ships: Work-in-Progress shots

A quick look at the Minifigs ships currently on the Workbench; some simple blocked colours, and not much in the way of detailing; I could say that this is to compliment the 'toy' style sculpting, but has more to do with the limitations of my painting skills!

They've been great fun to have a go at, and begin to ooze character and charm as they emerge from their metallic state and begin to take on an identity....

So far just generic colour schemes pertinent to the period 1906 onwards, with a view to having a range of appearances that will suit them flying the flags of many nations, depending on what takes my fancy!

The Transport ship you'll spot has been pressed into service as a Hospital ship, and the Torpedo Boat destroyers and submarines are quite plain at the moment - I think given the size of the minis, they would actually stand quite a lot of detailing, should one wish to go down that route, certainly the addition of masts as done by Steve over at the 'Castles of Tin' Blog really make them look smart - not sure if I will attempt this though - I'm a bit too ham fisted for such delicate work.

Favourite so far, I think, is the Lord Nelson Class Battleship - a really meaty looking fellow - haven't thought much about a basing scheme as yet - have to give these an ink wash and a varnish first, and then I'll probably rush headlong into expanding the Fleet!

I've also put some thought as to their employment as 'Imaginations' navies, so keep on the look-out for some posts detailing the background fluff.


  1. Very nicely done - I enjoy painting up dreadnaught style warships - there's a certain style they have that make them fun to work on

    How are you planning to use the fleet?

  2. Hi SoS,

    Somebody has been a busy chap and no mistake! These look really good thus far and for sure the Lord Nelson is a thug and a half! Very well done that man!

    All the best,


  3. Steel

    Those ships turned out just damn fine sir! Well done.


  4. Hi guys, thanks so much for the comments, glad you like the look of them so far - they're great fun to do in broad brush strokes, although i am sure my approach would make the scale purists shudder!

    @Miles - that's a good question, in the past, I've used Home-made rulesets, and Barkers' DBSA of course, but I'm erring on the side of using fellow conspirator David Crooks' MoBas rules - they look good fun and are spot-on for the period: