Friday, 25 January 2013

Fleet Scale Sci-Fi: Weekend Project

Inspired by some excellent recent postings on a couple of my favourite Blogs, namely the series by Jim at Wargames Workbench and Rich at Broken Stars Burning Ships, I've decided to dust off some spaceships of my own to work on over the weekend.

I doubt if my work will be up to their always excellent standards, but it should be fun to have a go at some fleet scale just as a short 'weekend' project.

I've dug around in the Lead Mountain and come up with some of Irregular Miniature's SH3 Destroyer, and a single GZG FSE FT606 Suffren Class Light Cruiser.
These will form the basis of a small Star Wars type Imperial flotilla, and I'll be roughing up some bridge sections that will bring them up to looking more like the originals:

These will be accompanied by some Babylon Five Minbari ships that came as part of an Ebay lot some time ago, with three Tigaran Cruisers, and two Neshatan Gunships; obviously I'm cheating a bit with the Tigarans, as they'll probably only need a bit of touching up rather than an actual repaint.
I've also got some large Squadron-scale Minbari fighters that could stand in as some sort of frigate class alongside these, have to see if I can dig these out as well and come up with  a more well-rounded little fleet:

So then, two TV/Film-inspired flotillas to get my teeth into over the coming couple of days, Real Life permitting, stay tuned for updates soon!


  1. Hi SoS,

    You really do have a substantial lead mountain don't you?

    I am looking forward to seeing how these come out. Do you have a set of War Rockets? (the rules that is)

    All the best,


  2. Hi DC, yes, the Lead Mountain lurks in many boxes in numerous drawers and cupboards, hiding its bulk by only ever being seen in small segments - I often think if I got it all out in one go and weighed it, I would be tempted to cash it in for the scrap metal value alone!

    Don't have the War Rocket rules, although that might change once the plastic spaceships arrive......tracking tells me, BTW, that they have left the US via Miami! :-)

  3. Looking forward to this one!

    Thise irregular ships aren't half bad...might have to get some myself?


  4. Cheers Jim, yes the destroyers aren't half bad, a bit low on detail in terms of the sculpt, but are an economical price compared to most starship minis out there.