Thursday, 20 August 2009

2mm Web Resources

Increasing numbers of people are showing an interest in using 2mm miniatures to re-create battles on the tabletop, so I thought I would introduce a list of readily available resources on the Web, which I have found both useful and inspirational in preparing projects in this scale.

Of course, there is an excellent and flourishing Yahoo Groups site, with approaching 1,000 members world-wide, but for those of you who are only 'dipping your toe in the water', as it were, or are not yet ready to commit to joining a Members-only Group, I present a run down of the best Web sites relating to 2mm, which should help the intrigued amongst you to become the inspired!

Of course, this list is not exhaustive, and is entirely personal and subjective, but should serve as a good indication of the creative use of these tiniest of toy soldiers; apologies for any obvious omissions, feel free to let me know if you think someone should be included.

Firstly, we have what must serve as the locus for any exploration of the world of 2mm, the 'Granddaddy' of all small scale sites, namely Gildas Facit, the website of Tony Hughes:

This has long served as a primer to the resources available from Irregular Miniatures in 2mm, and is full of excellent, detailed advice, photographs, and measurements of what is on offer, any journey into 2mm should start here!

This site is now ably aided and supported by the commercial website Tiny Tin Troops, which has further valuable insights, and also offers a painting service for the faint-hearted (Yes, these miniatures are really small!):

Of particular note are the galleries, and the useful, downloadable information pamphlet:

Next, I would like to list, in no particular order, websites and pages that have 2mm related content, and more importantly, some 'eye-candy' photos that should whet the appetite!

From TMP, an excellent Workbench article relating to 2mm Sci-Fi:

From Nik Harwood's Wiki Pages, ACW and Napoleonics:

Volley and Bayonet, all the way from New Zealand, offers Lobositz 1756, done in 2mm scale:

The Fighting Fantasist offers Thirty Year's War Renaissance armies:

Arnstein Orten considers 2mm gaming:

and mentions the Ancients ideas available at Bob's Games:
(click on the left side Nav bar for excellent photos!)

David at War Depot looks at starting with Napoleonics:

Nice looking terrain board at Beware the Beast Blog:

Thomo ruminates on nascent 2mm projects involving Aeronefs, with photo of 2mm train!:

Rodvik presents Napoleonics rules for use with 2mm miniatures:

Germy shows off his excellent Sci-Fi ranges:

John Scoville's home made, yes, that's home made, 2mm armies:

There are of course many other valiant pioneers out there who have taken the plunge, and I urge anyone interested to join the growing Yahoo Group: debate, information, advice, rules, and a plethora of photos in the gallery:

Manufacturers/Retailers in this scale include principally the following:

Irregular Miniatures:

Germy's Micro Minis Sci-Fi at GZG:

Brigade Games' Aeronef:

If all this is just too teeny weeny for you, then honourable mention must go to the close cousin of 2mm, namely the growing range of 3mm miniatures by Oddzial Osmy, which provide fantastic coverage of WWII and Modern era conflicts:

these 1/600th giants, as opposed to the ostensible 1/900th of 2mm, also have a flourishing Yahoo Group:

I hope the above will encourage some of you who are still labouring under the misapprehension that 2mm is just too small to be practical, or that are sceptical of its ability to represent large scale armies in various periods, to at least give them a try!


  1. Great post! Thanks a million
    I've been tempted by 2mm before, but have been a 6mm evangelist for some time now.
    Maybe switch scale for modern/cold war or something like the Thirty Years War...

  2. Oh excellent! Thats very useful. I purchased a few 2mm ancients from Irregular a month or two ago - I haven't dared try to paint them yet, though they do have the advantage of making 6mm figures look big! Great resource. Thanks.

  3. Excellent post and one that got bookmarked straight away!

  4. Thanks for the excellent number of suggestions! Inspired partly by your own excellent blog, I've recently started one of my own, and posted a 2mm battle on it - hope you enjoy!

  5. Thanks everyone, glad it was such a useful post, at least it gives people a chance to see what is out there before deciding on joining the 2mm Yahoo Group; CWT, that's great news about your Blog, I'll have to do an additional resources post and make sure to mention yours.....really like your gaming table approach, and the step by step after action report was brilliant.....keep up the good work!

  6. Does anyone please know what happened to John Scoville's 2mm website the Lilliputian Armies it just disappeared!

    many thanks

  7. Hi there, no idea I'm afraid, hadn't been over there in a while - but bear in mind it was a website - maybe his domain name was up for renewal or something - hopefully will pop back up somewhere - I'll have to ask over at the 2mm Yahoo Group, it's a shame to lose such a nice site from the teeny tiny men end of the scale!