Saturday, 15 August 2009

50th Post: Introducing Nano-Gaming

Celebrating today, with the fiftieth post of this Blog! It's a small milestone in the grand scheme of things, but one I'm nevertheless quite proud of, and furthermore exceeds my initial expectations. None of it would have been possible without the support, guidance and interaction of many members of the online Wargaming and Miniatures community, and I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a huge and well deserved thank you to all of those who have taken the time to read the Blog, join as followers, or indeed leave comments and feedback; the list is long, so I won't mention names, but you know who you are!

As a bit of fun, I present to you the next level of gaming at this small scale miniatures Blog; you've tried Micro-Armour, you've heard of Pico-Armour, now here's Nano-Gaming!

The Battle of Waterloo, June 1815:

D'Erlons column approaches the British squares, standing firm amidst swathes of fallen Cuirassier, atop the crest above Hougomont:

The British Guards form line and incline to outflank the oncoming French:

British Cavalry maneuver to close the trap:

"La Garde Recule!"

Broken troops begin to stream away from the line of battle; the end has come.....

Well, alright, actually some strategically placed motherboards photographed by my partner, but she had me going when I first saw the thumbnails......I was scared that someone out there had discovered a scale smaller than my own favourites that I didn't yet know about!

There will be a few cosmetic changes coming to the Blog from this post onwards, nothing too major, but just to freshen things up, (feel free to let me know what you think) and also there will be some new work done on projects that have yet to get a mention here, namely 1/300th WWII, the Desert War, and the First Crusade in 10mm, so hopefully onwards and upwards.

Thanks once again for your continued support, hope I can keep things interesting for the next 50 posts and beyond,



  1. Ha ha you are quite bonkers, excellent.

  2. Honestly, scrolling quickly down to fly over the pictures you had me there for a moment (it's not so very rational, this quest for small scales) ... congrats on the 50th post, your blog is a shining bacon for all the lone and misunderstood sailors in the endless sea of big scales. Keep up the good work.

  3. Congratulations! Looking forward to the new material.
    Your wife is very witty! Nice work.

  4. Brilliant!

    And a well done on the big '50'...

  5. Congratulations, and we'll look forward to the next 50!


  6. You had me going there too!
    Well done on hitting 50. Just got there myself, so here's to getting to 100. *clink*
    Looking forward to seeing your new projects

  7. Congrats on reaching the big 50! I have found the content on your blog and the evolution of your various projects to be very inspiring and informative so keep up the great work!!

  8. Thanks Guys, as always, for your kind comments, it means a lot knowing I'm not the only small-scale obsessed one out there!

    Coming posts will include a list of 2mm Resources on the Web, as well as a whole week devoted to re-creating the Battle of the Plains of Abraham 1759, in 2mm, so stay tuned!