Sunday, 6 September 2009

2mm Web Resources: Extra

A quick update now, to the recent post on 2mm resources available on the Web, mainly in order to correct some glaring omissions that I made!

The good news is that there is more and more appearing out there on a regular basis, as interest in using this size of miniature grows, so hopefully there will be more to add-in over time.

First up we have this Web page at Lloydian Aspects, which has a good look at some of Irregular's Ancients figures, as well as showing some useful comparison photos to give some idea of scale:

Next, we have the recent posts over at the CWT's blog, General Headquarters, which has an excellent After Action Report, with blow by blow photos, of a Napoleonics game, all played out on a unique gaming board, which illustrates the ability of such small sized miniatures to be used in a cross-over style within a 'boardgaming' framework; some nicely painted minis on show here, including a tiny L'Empereur:

A return entry to the list now, in the form of a 'heads up' on the latest posts over at Coop's Fighting Fantasist Blog, showing the progress he is making in developing a WWI / Great War project using Irregular's range:

Finally, Pushing Lead takes us over to the War of Spanish Succession, with a C'est la Guerre Rules Battle Report, some detailed photos of British and French forces on show here:

As before, these entries in no way make the list exhaustive, and there are many more people out there, outside of the Yahoo Group, that are talking about 2mm, but what I've been listing are significant in having some good photographic evidence of the tiny men in use, hopefully enough to tempt more of you out there into giving them a try!


  1. I have to agree with Michael, the train is superb

  2. Thanks guys, it is a little cracker of a sculpt, just don't think it makes me a trainspotter...o.k.!