Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Quebec 1759 in 2mm: Some Web Resources

Following the recent week of posts to mark the 250th anniversary of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, there have been a number of enquiries made of me about the campaign and the historical context, so just thought I'd post a few useful links to online resources for this theatre of the Seven Years War.

A useful overview of the campaign may be found here:
(Please note, the text was written by William Wood in 1914, so more recent revisionist histories may differ from the author's view, but it is nonetheless a very accessible account)

Information on uniforms, and a resulting list of all the major regular units involved, may be found here for the French:

Similarly here for the English:

Further uniform ideas may be found here amongst some excellent illustrations:
(This Canadian governement site contains a wealth of information about the time, and is well worth a long exploration, chapters 5 and Appendix A are especially useful.)

So good luck with your own projects, just remember to keep them 'Small Scale' :-).

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