Monday, 15 February 2010

2mm Web Resources: the Future?

Hello all! The majority of what we do with our 2mm minis may involve the 'historical', but that does not mean we can't embrace new-fangled ways of presenting the hobby; with this in mind, I introduce a first step in the possible future of wargaming with miniatures - yes, it's 2mm minis on Facebook - that thing the youngsters are always on.....

Chris has made an excellent start with this page, showcasing some of his miniatures, current projects and observations on the hobby - well worth a visit, and with a growing membership, will no doubt be a great addition to the world of 2mm online.

This should give us all an excuse to indulge our passion for all things tiny, whilst remaining 'hip' and 'groovy' (or whatever they call it these days) at the same time!


  1. LOL! :-) I think the latest is, paradoxically, "Sick", go figure.......