Sunday, 21 February 2010

6mm Dr Who meets the Triffids!

It was the eve of the annual Lower Throckmorton Village Flower Show, and in the back garden of number 13 Lambert Lane, John Verity was showing off his latest prize bloom:

"I dunno John, I don't like it, it's sort of weird-looking, and what's that awful smell...where on earth did you get it?"

"That's a trade secret love, I had to have something that had a chance of winning best in show....if that Ted Baker thinks he's gonna beat me again this year, he's got another thing coming...."

So John Verity hid the fact that he had truly no idea where this spectacular yet oddly disturbing plant had come from, having found it seeded amidst the rhododendrons three months previously. He knew in his heart that something was not quite right about it, yet the image of the arrogant face of his nemesis Baker, once more besting him at the Flower Show, made him ignore his own unease.
Later that Summer night, something stirred in the shrubbery:

The day of the Flower Show dawned, and the villagers gathered in the gardens of the Hall to see battle commence at the most hotly contested competition of the social calendar (well, it is a small village....).

"So, come on then Verity, where's this wonder plant you've been bragging about then? can't see it beating my gladioli this year...."

Verity did his best to ignore the annoying grin on Baker's face.

"You'll see Ted, you'll see....."

" 'Ere....what's this then, Johnnie, some sort of joke, don't think this is funny, you know....did that plant just move? No, it can't my god......."

The charming rural atmosphere of the village was rent by screams, as from all sides, from out of the undergrowth, swayed the obscene orange blooms of the Triffids!

" for your lives!"

Within hours, silence reigned over a scene of carnage, and only the local Police Riot Squad stood between the evil vegetables and was an unequal battle, fought bravely, but ultimately hopelessly.....

The next day, U.N.I.T. arrived in the deserted village, but without proper intelligence as to the exact nature of the threat (garbled tales of killer plants.....!), the troops enter by a single narrow lane, and are ambushed......

"Doctor, I thought the Brigadier said he would meet us here, but there's no sign of's awfully quiet don't you think......hey.......did that plant just move......?"

To Be Continued.......

A quick photo montage then, of the SF10 Tripedium Linguatum (Stinging Type) from QRF. Lovely little sculpts, these, that could do duty as threatening plants in any number of scales, but with 6mm, look suitably monstrous!
I found them a little fiddly to put together, in that although the bases have a cast hole into which the flower head fits, this was a little large for the prong that is part of the head, and the weight of this causes a problem in trying to balance it whilst the glue dries - in future, I think I would trim the prong somewhat, and perhaps fill the hole with modelling putty, inserting and glueing when this was almost dry - would make for an easier bond.

The stingers themselves also look potentially tricky, but actually, there is a deep hole cast in the heart of the flower into which they fit nicely, I just found that sharpening the end with a file, and bending them a little with needle-nose pliers beforehand, helped the balance whilst the glue was drying, and gave them a suitably 'lashing out' kind of look.

Not the best paint-job in the world on view here, but I was keen to get them done - probably should have taken more time over them - they'll also eventually be mounted on two-pence coins to aid stability - the stingers are always going to be a weak point when handling them.
Overall, though, a nice addition to my 6mm monsters, and a great mini from a lesser-known range at QRF.

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