Thursday, 19 August 2010

2mm Colonial: Nile Gunboat launched!

So, the SS Bordein has had a final lick of paint, as well as a couple of guns added at stern and bow, and is now ready for duty on the Nile. A few single 2mm figures act as crew, and hopefully she can now serve as gun support for whichever protagonist, whether Mahdist, Egyptian or British.

I decided on a white scheme to reflect her original peacetime role as passenger ship, and then liberally 'dirtied' it up over the added wooden baulking and various other protuberances. The scale had got slightly out of hand, and a sharp eye might detect that she is a little on the large side for 1/900th, but not too bad, I think, overall.

The base mounting card is now backed with some magnetic tape - and okay, the water colour is not exactly Nile like - less muddy Limpopo and more clear Mediterranean, but you get the general idea!

So, as Mahdist forces mass in the distance, the last penny steamer out of Khartoum tries to break the blockade:

How will she fare as she approaches the narrows - and what is lurking beyond the palm trees?

I couldn't resist emulating the ship's whistle by saying 'poop-poop!' whilst taking these shots - so why not view one of her companions in action:

From the movie Khartoum, of course. :-)


  1. She looks great, and what a good reason to watch Khartoum again!

  2. Thanks guys, glad you like the finished product - hope to use her in action soon!