Saturday, 7 August 2010

2mm Colonial: Nile Gunboat Update

The heaping of flotsam and jetsam continues, with some progress on making an already ramshackle craft look even more of a mess. What had once been a proud member of the Khedival River Fleet, scorched by the sun, damaged by innumerable collisions and runnings aground, has now been further sullied by the addition of wooden baulking to provide some kind of 'armoured' protection for the crew.

Or to put it another way, I've used every small scrap of card off-cuts and junk I could find to festoon my version of the 'Bordein' with. Pretty she ain't, but neither would you be after floating up and down the Nile under fire......

Mounted on a 65 x 25mm piece of Artists' card smeared with a bit of filler, and an odd mast culled from Brigade Model's Aeronef spares, a quick grey undercoat hopefully gives a slightly better impression:

Lots to do, yet, but I think if I slow down a little and pay a bit more attention to detail from now on, then hopefully she won't turn out too badly -don't think I'll go as far as depicting any 1/900th scale Maxim Guns on board, but hopefully can at least add in some sailors cut from the Irregular RBG11 Dismounted Dragoon strip - their broad brim headgear should make good Sennet hats.

It turns out the original was built on the Thames at the Samuda works, amongst some distinguished company as it happens:

Apparently Heihachiro Togo of Tsushima fame even did work experience there in later years - an historic area all long disappeared under the 1960s Housing Estates of the Isle of Dogs now, of course....


  1. Not bad!

    Especially as you've made it out of bits.

  2. Very Nice as always, found this site looking for more info on the Bordein.

  3. ha ha ha found you posted the same link previously.
    uh nevermind

  4. Thanks guys, glad you like it so far!

    @mwowm, don't worry - links to any and all information are always gratefully received - get most of my best leads from fellow wargamers/miniaturists!
    Keep 'em coming....