Saturday, 14 July 2012

Plastic Fantastic 3: Star Wars Completed

A quick photo update on the plastic Star Wars items; given that I haven't done much Hobby-wise recently, I at least managed to complete these in a Hoth-style swirl of snow and ice....

I used some medium Renaissance Ink flocking gel, painted silver grey, given a white dry-brush thrashing, a spot of ink for a wash and then some more white over that - I went a bit over the top with the flocking gel material, I think, so much so that we are verging on Christmas ornament territory rather than the ice-encrusted surface of Hoth....

The AT-STs are mounted on UK two pence coins - I left the edges plain, bearing in mind that these are not part of a formal project, I don't mind the slightly 'ornamental' look.

The Snowspeeders are mounted on the ubiquitous plastic flight stands, here liberally daubed with the gel:

Hmmm - puts me in mind of a certain coconut confectionery:


Red Flight heads home for a spot of tea:

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