Thursday, 28 June 2012

Plastic Fantastic Part 2: Star Wars W.I.P

Unusually fast turn around on these fantastic plastic minis - mainly because I couldn't resist having a go to see how they would turn out - have to say, in spite of my rather rushed paint jobs, the detail on these is very crisp, the Snowspeeders in particular being really well defined. They are still a work-in-progress, but the photos should give some idea of how good they are....

I found out that they are from amongst the playing pieces that come with the Star Wars Risk:

There are also some larger scale figures, including a rather good Rancor, as well as some nifty-looking mini Death Stars - looks as if I might be trawling Ebay again some time soon!

You'll notice that I haven't yet decided on a basing scheme for the AT-STs - obviously torn between the earth of Endor or the classic Hoth ice and snow - given that these don't actually yet fit into any existing 6mm armies project, I guess I could do either - certainly the 'speeders are not exactly canon - I just went a bit wild with the orange!

Hope to have these finished soon, and then it's back to more mainstream, metallic minis - I promise!


  1. Very nice looking! I like the speeder colours - nothing wrong with orange. Have you see the sci-fi line from CinC miniatures - have some tauntaun-alikes in 6mm, and I think some speeder bikes.

  2. Cheers! - looks like I'll have to check out that CinC stuff - I can imagine the tauntaun creatures coming in handy for that project I am really not going to get into....honestly....must resist pull of 6mm Star Wars.....must resist.......