Monday, 25 June 2012

Plastic Fantastic Part 1: Star Wars

I was inspired by a post a while ago over at TMP talking about the possibilities of using plastic Lego Bionicle model parts as a relatively cheap source of ready-made starships, and have since been haunting E (vil) -Bay looking for just such items, only to find that there is quite a range of tePlmpting bits and bobs on there that end up, well....tempting me to buy them.....

The result is that I now have a large and varied haul of plastic items that should be fun to play around with, utilising them as the basis for various scratch-build projects, principally the aforementioned starships, but also for Sci-Fi terrain pieces.

I'll be showcasing these finds in a series of posts here, but thought I'd kick the things off with a look at some rather cool Star Wars playing pieces in plastic that I think are a good fit for 6mm minis. Not entirely sure where these are originally from, perhaps pieces from a Star Wars themed set of Risk or other boardgame?

In any event, these Snowspeeders and AT-STs scale pretty well alongside the 6mm troops from GZG we see below:

Similarly, and perhaps more appropriately, next to Irregular Miniatures' 6mm 'not' Jawas NSF11:

Then for a comparison scale, seen here next to two other 'chicken walker' contenders, a piece from Micro Machines, (closer to 10mm perhaps?) and then the 2mm IKSF28 two-legged walker by Irregular:

Can't wait to have a go at painting these up - not that I actually had a 6mm Star Wars related project on the go, but you know how it is..... :-)

I should be pushing ahead with the 2mm Sci-Fi stuff, including a large number of the 2mm infantry bases seen in the next photo, but I think I'll forgive myself a small diversion in the meantime!

The original, inspirational TMP discussions can be found here:

and here:

Stay tuned for some more 'Plastic Fantastic' to come soon....

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