Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Flag-less Block Frenzy at Irregular Miniatures!

Just a quick 'heads up' to all you 2mm fanatics out there, Irregular Miniatures have just announced that they are stocking new flag-less versions of all their classic Horse and Musket Era infantry blocks, codes BG1 through 34, that will be available alongside the existing range.

This is excellent news for all those who like to depict large-scale formations, and have in the past had to resort to file and clippers to hack away at the pre-cast flags - now you can paint them up in groups and multiples to your heart's desire - only downside is that I now have to re-think and re-write all my future OOB requirement lists to factor in the new blocks.....oh well!

Head on over and take a look at:


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  1. I'm in the same boat, I have some projects where I've bought starting forces with the intention of hacking off the flags - but now I can get them flagless.