Monday, 16 March 2009

'Weird' World War I Part 2

As part of my ongoing 'Weird' WWI project, I've recently been trying out some of Irregular Miniatures' 2mm WWI range. Ostensibly 1/900th in scale, they should fit in well with some of the other minis I'm planning to use, particularly some Sci-Fi stuff and the wider range now available from Brigade Models.

First up, we see above the German A7v in the company of some captured MkIV. The front of the German tank sculpt is a bit flat, with not much of a suggestion of the front gun, but the top mounted cab and roof grilles are really well defined. The MkIV is really good, you can even see the guns in the sponsons!

Below a group of British MkIVs, mounted on card bases, dimensions 40X30mm, at these sizes, they're best mounted in groups:

Coming next we see see the French Char de Schneider, a model that has really caught the shape of the original, although again the front ball mounted gun is not that well defined (What am I talking about- these things are tiiiiiny!)

Talking of tiny, how about these FT-17s - these guys are even smaller, yet the MG and cupola on the turret are plainly visible - with some great definition on the tracks as well - shame my paint job on these was not so hot (Macro photography is a harsh critic - beware!).

The piece de resistance, however, without a doubt is IKM8 Rail Gun, here in the guise of of a German Kanone. This one would put a lot of 1/300th models to shame, here it is accompanied by the engine and tender from IKM7 Armoured Train, and in the background by IKM6 Train and waggons. These are all mounted on BG147 Track lengths, which again, given their size, are really well defined.

Brigade Models has a range of small contraptions that should match up well with these, even some rocket armed MkIV tanks to deal with those pesky Martians!

Next Post: the Land Dreadnoughts themselves, and some thoughts on 2mm scale aviation...


  1. Really pleased to see someone doing something slightly different with Land Ironclads. Look forward to seeing this project develop...

  2. Those FT-17s look brilliant. Nicely detailed and guaranteed to make large scale-tyrants pause

  3. Thanks for your comments, Guys, means a lot to have your support so early in the life of the blog, lots more to come on this subject, so keep checking back for updates!