Thursday, 23 July 2009

6mm Doctor Who: Civilians

A small addition, now, to the Dr Who project, in the form of some Civilian Bases, obviously the Daleks need some fodder to turn into slave workers or even Robo-Men!

Irregular Miniatures provides the personnel, from their 'Riot' range, pack SIR1, which has a selection of useful types.

Crucially, some transport can be provided as well, below we see a Transit Van, SIR6. This is roughly painted in a scheme that may be familiar to some readers: "they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no-one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team..." !

Next up we have SIR2, a base of two police men, which as you can see appear in full riot gear with batons and shields; these can either provide public order protection, or more sinisterly, be used as proto-Robo-Men, their identity hidden behind full face visors:

They are nice looking minis, although it was a bit difficult for me to try and write 'Police' on the shields at this scale!

The available Riot minis are a good mix of types, with a few who look like they are hanging around just waiting for the trouble to start, or others such as the base with woman (Nice handbag!) and child, that are more benign.

All these are based on UK 1 pence coins, approximately 20mm in diameter. They could be used merely as window dressing, but I like to think that they could take a more active role in a scenario; perhaps with what I'll call a 'Mob' die roll; if three or more bases are gathered together within a 40mm radius, then a certain die result will see them ganging up on the nearest hapless Alien or Law Enforcement type, and close assaulting them in old fashioned style......clobbering time!


  1. I was eyeing up that van in the background before I even read the post. Simply brilliant!
    Between the Doctor and the Team those hapless aliens have no chance!

  2. Fantastic painting! The figures and the scenery are all superb

  3. Hi Guys, having a lot of fun with the odd addition to this subject, it's a nice form of relaxation from churning out the footsloggers for other projects!

    Can't take the credit for the houses in the background though, they are a few of those 'Lilliput Lane' type resin jobs you often see in tacky tourist shops, I got a few at a pound each at a closing down sale, just rebased them on 3mm MDF with a bit of landscaping for an 1940 Invasion of Britain idea that never got off the ground.
    However, they are just right for the village of Lower Whatnot which has been recently invaded by forces not of this Earth!