Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dr Who in 6mm: More Dinosaurs.....and Triffids!

Well, having thoroughly enjoyed putting together some Pre-Historic enemies for the doctor to tackle at the end of last year, I was itching to add a few more types into the mix, and began casting around for some possible candidates.
Sometimes you find the best things in the strangest of places, and I think that I can say that this definitely was the case when I happened upon the Dinosaur range from QRF.
Rightly renowned for their 15mm figures, I was surprised to find that they also do some great Pre-Historic monsters, and also some suitably menacing evil plant life!

The Dinos can be found here:

and the carnivorous plants are lurking amidst the 15mm Sci-Fi:

The dinosaurs offer some really interesting types at very reasonable prices, so I invested in some baby Plateosaurus, some quadra-ped Placerias, and the giant Phytosaur.

The Phytosaur, TR07, can be seen below, a mean looking crocodilian type that weighs in at around 53mm long, so could play well as even a 15mm or larger crocodile for all those 'back of beyond' or Pulp games:

From menace we move to cuteness, with the TR06 Plateosaurus young, that provides you with eight of the little fellers for just Uk £2.00; sweet aren't they:

Or are they, how about a horde of them engulfing you, all at once?

Yes, never turn your back on a dinosaur! I'm hoping to put these alongside some scratch-built nest sites with eggs made from modelling clay.
Moving slightly away from the obviously reptilian, I also bought some TR02 Placerias, which Wikipedia has down as a form of hybrid mammal, perhaps an ancestor of the modern Hippopotamus:

I found a great image of how these may of looked:

From a brilliant set of recreations online, invaluable if you're looking for inspiration on those Dino colour schemes!

I think if you could get hold of some suitable riders or smaller scale Howdahs, these would make great Fantasy beasts as an alternative to the more usual Elephant/Mumakil.

Next, what could these constituent metal parts be? mmh, let's see, base with tendril-like legs, large, hooded flower head, and a vicious looking stinger.....

Yes, be afraid, be very afraid, it's a 'not' Triffid, to whit the SF10 Tripedium Linguatam (Stinging Type)!
These come in a pack of four, with two slightly different base sizes, again, as with the crocodilians above, could be used alongside any number of scales/size of minis, depending on how big and dangerous you want them:

Yes, I like mine very big and dangerous:

Obviously, these are not strictly canon if deployed as Triffids, but to be honest, who could resist? I loved the John Wyndham book, was a massive (if petrified) fan of the BBC TV adaptation starring John Duttine back in 1981, and well, suffered through the various Big Screen film versions, as well as the recent BBC remake......maybe draw a veil over that one......

A quick introduction, for those of you who have no idea what I'm on about:

Believe me, truly terrifying when they get going, although admittedly a little slow in the perambulatory sense!

So, more to play around with here, and hopefully February will see some painted examples appearing - far too much bare lead on this Blog recently, something I hope to correct in the near future!