Friday, 26 March 2010

2mm Colonial: Work in Progress

Hello All, sorry to report that things have been a bit thin on the hobby front this month, with 'Real Life' (tm) getting far too much of a look-in; something I'm hoping to redress once we enter April.

So for now, apart from the suitably stirring postcard view of Bluejackets manning a Maxim Gun from the SteelonSand archive (it just struck me, wouldn't fancy sitting on that tiny board attached to the tripod when that thing was in full flow....vibrations can cause injury, you know!), we have a quick update on some test stands I'm working on.

First up, what do you get when you cross an Irregular Miniature's ABG15 Elephant and a BG28 six horse limber towing gun?

Why, you get that favourite 'must have' of British Colonial armies, the Elephant Gun of course!

A quick filing-off of the riders and flag from the Ancient's Elephant, and the removal of the limber horses gives you a good start; I've filed down the cannon at the rear, and intend to replace it with some pin or wire to represent a suitably hefty-looking 40lb cannon....and hopefully we should have something approaching the heaviest form of heavy artillery!

As to how the elephants and the limber/gun will be attached, I'm yet to come up with a good solution; perhaps some ultra-thin fuse wire might stand in as the hauling chains, whilst a bit of modelling putty could work as the blanket roll/harness on the pachyderms.
I may also add in another cut-down limber in between the rear elephant and the limber riders....might not want them sitting so close to the elephant's rear....

Finally, a couple of shots of a simple test-stand for Egyptian auxiliaries, or perhaps Mahdists; I went for the BG23 10 man skirmish infantry block for these, as they give a suitably irregular look - seen here with a mounted commander from a BG13:

Painting on the characteristic "I've been to Mecca and all I got was this lousy jibba" coloured patches was a bit of a stretch at this scale, but I think they turned out alright:

Obviously, if I were to expand into a Sudanese direction, these would need to be cranked out in mass production terms, but actually once the white has gone on, it's mainly the undercoat that does the talking...

So a quick squint at the rather measly WIP that is actually in progress, but as I said, hopefully lots more to come in the near future!


  1. Hi SoS, Looking pretty good thus far! I liked the 10 man BG23 - I have been considering using that for my own 2mm stuff. I am not keen on the generic 8 man strip for the 20th century stuff. It might be accurate in terms of everybody hugging the dirt but I prefer to see some movement! I dragged out my 2mm ACW packs for use with Land Ironclads and want to do something with them at some point. It is a cause of much embarrassment that having been involved with the design and development of the said rules I have yet to get a force reday for use with them!

    All the best,


  2. Thanks guys, for the supportive comments - always helps to get me a little bit more motivated to do more!

    @ Ogre, C'mon now, you know we'd all like to see some more 2mm on the Web!