Monday, 22 November 2010

ACW Naval: Fort Humpter ready for duty!

After some final painting, I am pleased to report that the scratch-built Fort Humpter is ready for service alongside the 1/2400th Ironclads from Tumbling Dice.

A rather busy weekend meant that in all honesty, I didn't have time to make a start on the Monopoly Hotels-as-buildings glimpsed in the previous posts, but luckily remembered I had some 1/1200th Rod Langton buildings from the 2mm Quebec project; alright the scale is a bit suspect, but actually they don't look too bad in these shots posed for the camera.

Currently you'll note a hand-dawn Stars 'n Bars fluttering over the casemate, but by the cunning expediency of putting some blue-tac in the flagstaff base, I can easily swap this for 'Ole Glory depending on the fort's occupants.

I deliberately kept the level of detailing low, both as a matter of convenience, but also in the spirit of my usual quick scratch-build - I was going for a piece that would look the part, rather than being a fine scale model.

Too close an inspection would have the U.S. Engineers shuddering at the shoddy building techniques, but as it will be acting as a shot and shell magnet in most games, I don't really mind!

Of course, she could see service in a number of guises and postures, from the ACW to Aero and Aquanef - definitely a nice large target..... quick and fun to build, and certainly cheap!


  1. Wonderful job. I've been following this throughout and I must say marvelous job!

  2. Hi SoS,

    Brilliant!! I am not sure if it is the quality of the model or the name of the fort!

    Very well done Sir,


  3. Thanks for the kind comments guys, glad you like it - sometimes the best fun can be had with just the contents of the bits box, rather than a pre-made, purchased piece. Some earthenwork batteries coming soon!

  4. Very nice work SoS - you should be proud of that model!

  5. Fort sumptuous! You really do make some nice scenery.

  6. Aww, come on guys, you'll be making me blush - it really is just an assemblage of bits and bobs, you know - perhaps I'm just really good at photography - making it look better than it really is! :-)

    Thanks for the support, though - has me thinking about making some more items in the near future....