Saturday, 21 April 2012

2mm News: New 2mm blocks are on their way!

News from Ian Kay and the gang at Irregular Miniatures that some new 2mm blocks are about to go into production has reached SteelonSand Towers.

I'd thought I'd give everyone a heads up, as although this has been a discussion point over at the 2mm Yahoo Group recently, not all of you small-scalers might be signed up as members there.

Ian has said that the new blocks will include an Infantry marching column four files wide and some 19mm deep, as well as a two file cavalry column of the same depth, there will also be a new Command unit that will be on an arrow shaped base.

Hopefully the new items will be appearing in the coming couple of weeks up on the website, and be available to purchase.

There has been a lot of discussion around the likelihood of producing some of the existing block codes without the normally integral flags, and I know that Irregular are likely to be looking at doing some separate flags as well; Ian has asked that if people are interested in 'flag-less' versions of existing 2mm H&R blocks, then could they drop him a mail at, in order that he can get an idea of the likely demand, and therefore look at the practicalities of mould production.

Without trying to steal anyone's thunder, Irregular are also thinking about putting some more modern urban buildings into production eventually too, so keep checking the News page at the Irregular website for forthcoming details:

In any event, it's great to see a manufacturer pushing forward with some new 2mm blocks, and I'm sure that the more people show an interest, and furthermore invest once they become available, then hopefully this is a trend we shall see continue into a teeny-tiny, but small and perfectly formed future!


  1. Huzzah! Fantastic news! Shame as there's little else to await.

  2. Hi Lt. latest rumour is that you should be checking the Irregular website come this Friday/Saturday - should be something on there to whet your appetite!