Tuesday, 24 July 2012

More 2mm Buildings from Irregular released!

Great news just announced from Irregular Miniatures; they have released a whole slew of new 2mm buildings and accessories, BG161 through 167, and IKS11 to 14.

These encompass individual crenellated wall sections, medieval style gate towers, and even more excitingly Vauban style architectural fortifications that will enable the construction of whole layers of town and city defences.... the additions to to the 20th Century range have stackable tower block sections and a factory, as well as their ruined counterparts - it's great to see that the recent upsurge in interest into the tiniest of troops has been reciprocated by expansions to the ranges we all know and love.

Even more good news is that Ian and the gang have illustrated all these new things with photos, which you can peruse in the 2mm scenics and accessories section of the website - hurry on over and take a look-


Yes, I know I tend to get over-excited by such tiny things, but that's just the way I am.....  ;-)

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