Monday, 3 June 2019

RIP Avon - Paul Darrow 1941~2019

Sad to hear that the incomparable, inimitable Paul Darrow has joined Gareth Thomas, Jacqueline Pearce, David Jackson and Peter Tuddenham in the pantheon of lost stars......

I think it is true to say that no other actor could have brought the character of Blakes 7's Kerr Avon to life with such aplomb - a cynical, sardonic anti-hero - the foil to the earnest freedom fighter Blake, his dry wit and mellifluous delivery giving a richness to the part that quite frankly, stole the show!

A real loss :


  1. Sad news indeed, on the plus side does this mean your back? Amazing if so. You've been missed!!!

  2. He was a greatly unappreciated actor and I am sad to hear of his passing. He did not enjoy good health in his later years and never really recovered after losing his wife. I shall always remember him as Avon.

  3. Good bye to him. But you’re alive?! I loved this blog! Is it retired now?

  4. Rumours of my demise etc etc..... :-)

    I was moved to pay a small tribute to the man who played Avon, my favourite character in my favourite TV Sci Fi show, so resorted to blowing the dust off the 'Ole Blog..... It has always been my intention to return to it at some point, but Real Life has been getting in the way..... So don't expect any new content anytime too soon..... Sorry !

    Thanks for the comments, as always.

  5. Hello old chap,

    Good to see you back, albeit briefly! Drop me a line for a proper catch up if you have the opportunity.

    All the best,