Thursday, 19 May 2022

2mm Strength and Honour: Resources Primer


Thought I’d pull together a list of some of the online resources that I made use of in preparing for the release of Strength and Honour, and when working on my Second Punic War bases.

There is some great inspiration out there, ranging from Mark Backhouse’s  own original home-made forces, to his work with Sidney Roundwood and on to the consistently creative and varied work on display via the 2mm and Small Scale Gaming Facebook Group.

First up, I would bring out Sidney Roundwood’s excellent Lutzen 1632 project, where I first saw the possibilities for home-made blocks to accompany the 2mm from Irregular Miniatures, and also highlight his painting techniques, which give amazing looking results in depicting mass without forgetting detail:

Of course, Mr Roundwood co-operated with Mr Backhouse on the Other Partizan 2mm Siege of Portsmouth project, which rightly won the best participation game in 2018, and set the standard for what could be achieved with the smallest of soldiers:

Turning to 2mm Ancients, an early and superlative effort was made by the always excellent Per Broden of Roll a One Blog, with his take on matching huge bases with Irregulars’ blocks to produce armies that looked like armies ! :

Once Strength and Honour had moved on from its roots as Homunculus Est, other manufacturers took up the banner in making troop types available commercially that would be ideal for the rules, and were custom made for its depiction of Mass on the tabletop…..

Principally of course, Antonine Miniatures via Warbases in the UK,

And now Korhryl Miniatures from Europe, and LaserCast from Australia:

Not to forget the original and best, Irregular Miniatures themselves:

That is not to say, of course, that these were the only candidates for sourcing miniatures, the explosion in 3D printing and the creativity of the STL file makers out there mean that more and more options are becoming available:

Not forgetting the more humble, yet incredible home-made ones; check out what this guy uses ! :

Since I stepped back from Blogging in 2013, and relegated the Hobby to the back-est of back burners, the growth of content creators on sites such as YouTube has been exponential and is now intrinsic to the hobby - a damned good thing, I say, as it serves to reach audiences that us old Grognards could only dream of, and of course I’m even more pleased to highlight those that include 2mm miniatures like Project Wargaming:

Also  - The Joy of Wargaming:

And again, with Prasutagus the Orwell Wargamer:

And with a twist on using the Strength and Honour Rules, T’s Creative Ramblings:

Oh, smallest of small-scale war gamers, we are no longer lone voices crying in the wilderness !

Finally, another inspirational place that I visit, namely the Blog of the incredibly productive Jim Jackaman - I think he has a more varied range of interests than anyone else I know, and of course, now in 2mm:

This, thankfully, is only a small proportion of what is now out there for those of us that enjoy the smallest of scales, and the above only a snapshot of what I think we can expect to become available in the near future - I am sure it won’t be long before periods outside of Ancients will be covered in greater variety than ever before, and I , for one, can’t wait !

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