Wednesday, 21 September 2022

15mm Dungeon: Moulds, Slimes and Jellies…..


A quick insert post with some small progress on the project, as things have been somewhat delayed with the recent passing of HM the Queen, so not much chance to work on hobby related things of late.

Stepping in, then, are a few of the grosser inhabitants of the dungeon, namely the deadly slimes and moulds that drip and ooze their way around winding passages, and the gelatinous predators that stalk the stone-flagged corridors….

These are made up of the contents of a pack from the 25mm range from Pendragon Miniatures at Wargames Design Workshop:

A great range of sculpts that retail for the princely sum of £2.65 for six pieces !

And the somewhat more expensive hollow gelatinous cubes from Splintered Light Miniatures available in the UK at The Little Corporal:

These are nicely cast pieces with a roughened looking outer surface, that are capable of ‘swallowing’ a 15mm miniature. They perhaps go against the ‘home made ‘ ethos of the project, so were a bit of an indulgence…. I have heard tales of some cheap ice-cube trays that are available from discount or pound-shops that are made up of similar ‘icy’ cube shapes, that can be cut and separated into individual pieces, but try as I might, I could never lay my hands on one, and those seen in online stores are quite expensive - so I went for the real thing, as it were, instead. 

I decided to mount the smooth slime minis onto stone blocks cut from blue foam - they come flat, but a bit of bending with some needle-nosed pliers produced the following dripping-down-the-wall shapes:

A very basic paint-job later, and they start to look the part:

I finished them off with some drops ‘bubbled’ directly from the applicator nozzles of Vallejo paint bottles to add a bit of texture and interest - not sure if these will get good adhesion over time, lying as they are on a smooth surface, but they seem relatively stable after some varnish:

Seen for scale alongside a skeletal warrior - not sure they will be able to suck much sustenance from his dry bones !

Again, for scale, the warrior squares up to the gelatinous cubes, one showing the hollow interior:

I did have a photo of him captured inside one, but he effectively disappears as far as my camera is concerned once engulfed, so a bit of a non-picture - I’m sure you get the gist, anyway….

Moving on, we come to the bubbling moulds - a great group of tentacle-sprouting monstrosities:

Their sculpted surfaces hold a paint job really well, and allow for some suitably gloopy and disgusting colouring - the one on the far right is actually stolen from another Pendragon 25mm set, ‘decomposed bodies rising from the slime’ - the skull and engulfed hand reaching forward were irresistible !

The colours on these came out a little more Matt than I wanted, but I’ll probably do a few more coats of gloss varnish to be sure:

So, a quick interlude with plenty more things to imperil any party of dungeon-crawlers - hopefully I’ll be moving on to an overview of the project as a whole soon.

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