Wednesday, 14 April 2010

2mm Web Resources: New Entries

Some recent additions now, to the thankfully ever-growing presence of 2mm miniatures on the Web.

As with a number of other people, the lure of adding soldiery to a Land Ironclads / Aeronef collection has led Mwowm over at Panzer Grenadier Kompanie CHUK to throw his hat into the tiniest of rings and have a go at some of Irregular's 2mm output:

A stirling start, I think, and hopefully more to come in the future; always good to see more photos of our favourite tinies on the 'net, anyway!

Talking of photos, 2mm maestro Nik Harwood recently announced over on the 2mm Yahoo Group that he had been in contact with a very creative individual, in the person of one Slobodan 'Bokaso' of Serbia, who has filled the 2mm-free void of that particular part of the world with some truly incredible scratch-built vehicles and terrain.

If you are not already a member of the Yahoo Group, then you may have missed the announcement and uploading of his photos, so here is his Photobucket account, that is well worth a good exploration; you will be amazed at what this true small-scale artist has achieved, working by hand, in creating both scenery and vehicles of all types:

Absolutely inspirational; puts most of us to shame! If only I had a talent like that. There's even a tutorial on doing scratch-built 2mm palm trees! Let's hope we see a lot more from Slobodan in the coming months.

Talking of the near future, don't forget that the Society of Ancients here in the UK is hosting its Battle Day this weekend on the 17th April, and this will be especially significant in that Simon MacDowall will be hosting a recreation of Zama in 2mm, using miniatures painted by Tony Hughes of Gildas Facit fame; a photo report will no doubt follow over at the always excellent:

Don't forget to take a look!


  1. Aargh! What with me just getting into 2mm again, this is the last thing my bank account needs! :-)

    In all seriousnes though, thanks for the great work on 2mm. Always good to learn of more that's out there!


  2. Sorry Craig, guilty as charged on the 'pandering to 2mm cravings' front!

  3. Wow that train looks great - thanks for sharing these links SoS.