Monday, 12 April 2010

Some small advances in Egypt: 2mm Colonial

Hello All, just to offer apologies, and let you know that I have been feeling a little off-colour lately, but the Surgeon Major has now passed me fit for duty once again (Good shot of Collis-Brown's Mixture, old chap!), so hopefully the rather sparse nature of all things Blog-like should be changing in the near future.

Just to prove that I haven't been malingering, a few quick shots of the work that has progressed, if even with the pace of an overladen artillery mule....

The Elephant guns have had some daubings applied, and the gun itself mocked up from some plastic tube, giving a rather monstrous looking gun:

I'm still unsure as to whether to actually depict the drag-chains attaching the elephant pair and the gun, or to base them up as is; this will probably come down to how fiddly the exercise will be versus whether it will actually add to the model - anyway, watch this space...

Next up, we have a small skirmish line of Egyptian infantry, which I am thinking may appear alongside some Camel Corps troops I am currently undercoating, making use of Irregular's ABG23 Camelry from their Ancients range, given the size of the sculpts, and the fact that they don't have noticeably large spears or anything, these should be alright for double duty in a later era...

Finally, the Egyptian auxiliary types have rather turned into what is becoming a cloud of Mahdist troops, and the more I look at these, and also consider the simplicity of their paint jobs, (black undercoat, white jibba, few spots of colour for patches, the odd stroke of brown or silver to the front for weapons and done) I am getting tempted to head south into the Hicks Pasha, this should probably be avoided if I want to keep the project within strict limits, but then again....

So, sorry to leave any of my regular readers feeling as bereft and beleaguered as these Berkshire boys below at Maiwand, but hopefully a more normal Blog service will now be resumed.....



  1. Hi SoS,

    Welcome back old chap - glad to hear you are in fine fettle once again! They are looking very nice and I am eagerly looking forward to me own adventures in this scale once the move has taken place over the next few weeks.

    All the best,


  2. For your gun chains, maybe pipe cleaner wire, after the fuzzy bits have been stripped off? May be too thick though, but would have that texture to suggest chains rather than rope. Or silver thread may have that bit of subtlety to it. Can't think of anything else that small. Some types of paper clips have a grippy texture to them too.


  3. Thanks guys, as always, for your comments; Ogre - glad to hear you'll be making a start on your 2mm stuff in the near future, and Chris, thanks for your suggestions - the silver thread might do the trick - I'll have to see if I can come up with something along those lines.

  4. Even smaller elephant guns!! Great painting