Thursday, 29 April 2010

Aquanefiness: Submarine progress update

A quick progress report, now, on how the Aquanef 'Team Nemo' monster subs are coming along.
As you can see above, I followed the whole cuttlefish thing to its logical conclusion with the vessel above, adding some three-core cable tentacles (no doubt steam-powered!) and some knobbly protrusions on the back to represent conning towers, etc.
The whole has been based on some magnetic-backed artists card, weighing in at 70x30mm, and some filler applied as the water's surface.
I'm not sure how the paint-scheme will go on this one; I think I'll move away from metallics or greys, and might experiment with a more fishy finish, to give it a realistic look.

Next up, the smaller of the two soy-sauce fish was similarly mounted, this time on a 50x30mm base, and again had a funnel and mast installed:

Finally, the larger one went onto a 60x30mm base, and had the same treatment as the others; bit of an angler fish vibe going on here - perhaps it tempts merchant ships close with a fake light lure, and then goes in for the kill!

The strange blue blobs visible internally are not transplanted organic brains for some fiendish purpose, but rather some blobs of putty which just help hold the light plastic body in place whilst the glue is drying and the filler is applied around them.

So, with some undercoat splashed on, the allies of Nemo against the Militarists are beginning to take shape:

Stay tuned for more updates soon....


  1. This is bloody awesome! And if you look here, you'll understand the sentiment (I'm Luka).

  2. This is truly imaginative. I like how all three are turning out - this is really cool.

  3. Ooohh!! These look really nice - I love the cuttlefish design - reminds me of the villain in Inspector Gadget!

    I need to get some ideas on the go for this - the raiders of the Barbary Coast could use some, shall we say, unusual underwater conveyances.

    All the best,


  4. What excellent work. All of our soy sauce comes in disposable packets.

  5. Hi guys, thanks for the comments, glad you like seeing me doing my bit for recycling!

    The models are turning out a bit on the large side, and the base sizes are all over the place, but even if they don't fit neatly into Aquanef, they've certainly been fun to play around with so far.

    @Luka, thanks for the link, something I'll definitely be keeping my eye on!

    @JET, they are definitely out there, just have to eat as much take-away sushi as possible 'til you find some!

    @Ogre, Ah! I knew I must have been channeling the shape from somewhere.....perhaps I'm a M.A.D. agent after all.....