Monday, 29 August 2011

Aeronef Mega Carrier Update

A quick update on the progress of the Aeronef Mega carrier, tentatively named 'The Eagle' (Space 1899 I suppose.......), which has seen a quick blast of spray undercoat, and has had the beginnings of the final detailing.

So far this has included various gun turrets, some of the watch parts, and principally, as you will notice, the addition of the brass propellor booms.

The booms were a compromise, in that I felt I needed something relatively sturdy, but that would still look the part - so I made use of some 38mm size square shoulder Cup Hooks from Homebase. I had to hacksaw some of the threaded screw end off on each, as the width of the hull was restricted, and as yet the Lego plastic airscrews are merely plonked over the upright ends, but I think overall, they don't look to bad - at least they won't need painting!

The various watch part flywheels and balances are principally going to form the basis for various contraptions and lifting gear that will enable the entry and exit of lighter-than-air craft into the carrier bays, as well as for a catapult-style 'plane launcher I am planning for the bows.

Obviously, still a long way to go, and lots more detail to add, but I think given her humble beginnings, we are gradually getting there!


  1. I don't really like the propellers - to me it takes away the absurd grace of the flying behemoth and makes it look a bit like they were screwed into a naval ship in order to make it fly. I can definitely see the appeal for a Robur fan though. :) All in all it's coming together very well, the details are really adding to it and I can't wait to see it painted.

  2. Hi guys, thanks for the comments - still very much a work in progress - I'm in the midst of sourcing more materials that can go on as VSF-style detailing, and am thinking about the eventual colour scheme- at first I'd intended to go with the overall 'boilerplate' black for the hull, but am not so sure now - probably depends how well the areas covered with gubbins go - they might stand out better against a dark background.

    As to the propellers - the beauty of using the screw threaded cup hooks is that they fit tightly enough after drilling a pilot hole into the hull, that they did not need glueing to fit - the propeller booms, therefore, can be turned to become 'impellers' when lift is not required - you'll see what I mean in some upcoming photos - so I'm definitely keeping them!

  3. Hi SoS,

    Wow! Looking very sweet indeed and as a suggestion - what about some weathered bronze for the hull?

    The props are really quirky and have that 'Heath Robinson-esque' look about them which is bang on the money for me.

    Great job as ever - can't wait to see the end result!

    All the best,


  4. Many thanks David, glad you like her so far - she's been quite the distraction from everything else I promised myself I'd be doing.... oh well, 'twas ever thus....

  5. Love it! I picked up a pair of these for £1 so I'm following this project with interest. Looking forward to some massive carrier battles in the sky. Very inspiring as always.