Sunday, 7 August 2011

Mad Idea No1: Further Aeronef Megacarrier Musings!

Following some really useful comments, suggestions and guidance from the kind readers of this Blog, I have had some further thoughts with regard to Mad Idea No1, as I have now decided to formally call it...

The Aeronef Mega Carrier has a sketched out realisation, with some concrete ideas as to how it might appear, and as you can see in the accompanying photos, I've roughed out how the bare bones will look by cutting out the hull and flat-top, and adding a few bits of scrap plastic here and there.

First off, the consensus of good advice is that the Carrier is more a 'City-in-the-Sky', lair of a super villian, rather than the military vessel of any particular faction - its primary character and appearance will be formed from habitation modules and as the mounting point for various fiendish technological devices, (think Tesla coils/Steam driven Mcguffin machines/Death Rays...) rather than merely being the springboard for its complement of aircraft.

Perhaps it might be the base of the Air Pirates, or even the secret lair of Robur himself....

There will be the capability for both runway and catapult launch and retrieval of aircraft, as well as a docking station at the rear for Aeronef and Dirigible types.

The colour scheme will be boilerplate and black - more ironclad than modern warship, and there will be no particular iconography on display - this to allow a shifting identity dependent on the setting - perhaps removable flags might bear the symbol of Robur the Conqueror or the Ottoman Aether Corsairs....

The first concrete decision is that although I am going to retain the full length of the flight deck, I'm going to try and break the modern look by reversing the hull, and mount it upside down, with the flat top on top - the empty hull will be capped by a plain sheet that will have various protuberances affixed to break up the outline.

This should also offer some neat looking habitation and hangar openings below deck level - it's funny, but the uptuned hull on it's own has me thinking that it would be a good stand in for the Nautilus sub as depicted in the 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen', as can be seen here:

Of course, the varied plastic scrap currently randomly placed in the photos is but a pale shadow of the eventual cornucopia of junk that will adorn the final product....

But then this is 'just' a mad idea.....right? Never see the light of day, right?
Well, in typical fashion, it is definitely beginning to grow on me - perhaps this latest diversion will be taking over all other projects.....

Further suggestions and comments will be gratefully received!

Hopefully more updates from the SteelonSand Shipyards to come soon.


  1. Hi SoS,

    This is looking very interesting indeed and the upturned hull idea is pure genius!

    I would love to see what the Aeronef stats look like for this flying leviathan!

    I also like the idea of the Ottoman Aether Corsairs....;-)

    All the best,


  2. Really nice looking, loving the idea of a mega-carrier and it has finally inspired me to get on and finish my Cloud Nine Flying base that has been lying around for months.
    Cant wait to see the finished project :)

  3. I love the way you twisted mind works...!

    I can see a mega-Tesla array underneath, ready to either neutralise fleets of vessels or hold an enemy city to ransom: Bwahahahaha!

  4. Coming along nicely! The general outline of the deck is still somewhat too modern, as you point out ... have you tried turning the deck so that the broad part becomes the bow and the narrow one stern, where you can cram the superstructure and the chimneys ... all in the back - a bit like modern cargo ships. I don't know, it might be utterly daft and useless, but it might completely change the modern appearance of the carrier as well ... on the other hand, that might not work with the upside-down hull, as the prow would be "flat" (the former stern of the carrier).
    Hope that comment's not as useless as I think it is ... :(

  5. I agree, that upturned hull looks awesome, all sorts of wonder weapons could come out of those openings on the side (the former hanger decks).

    Here are a couple of blog posts I did a couple years ago where I ruminated on bits and pieces I was finding, there may be ideas in there for Tesla coils and the like. Taking apart an old stereo was a goldmine for stuff.


  6. Hi guys, thanks for all the brilliant comments - it's your considered input that is driving this latest foray into mad ideas territory - not that I'm complaining!

    @ David - re: Ottoman Aether Corsairs- now, you didn't think I was going to let those 1/2400th Barabary Pirate ships just go to waste, did you?

    @Calvin - would love to see your Cloud Base project 'get off the ground' - I've been perusing your own Aeronef work at your Blog - very inspiring!

    @Paul - Tesla Death Ray it is then, Sir!

    @Luka - those are excellent suggestions - the more I'm looking at the model, and keep trying it in different configurations in a sort of dry run sense - the better it is looking - hadn't thought of the back to front idea - but it would look good, I think - have to give it a go - perhaps I'll end up buying more of theses snap-kits and doing more than one version....

    @Chris - Thanks for the reminder about those links, just what I looking for - I'm in the midst of taking apart an old wristwatch for parts as we speak - so other ideas for cool greeblies are spot-on.