Thursday, 11 August 2011

Aeronef Mega Carrier: Upside down again.....

All this talk of turning my Aeronef Mega Carrier/snap-kit monstrosity hull upside down has got me thinking....(always dangerous) I missing a trick here?

The original intent was of course to break away from the modern outlines of the USS Eisenhower base, and create something more charismatically VSF in appearance, when a sudden realisation hit home....

What if I retained the model as conceived, but just turned the whole d*rn thing upside down rather than just the hull part?

In spite of some detailing that would help the craft look older, could I really get away from that tell-tale flat-top look? Merely flipping the model as a whole would take me from this:

To something more like this:

Pretty nifty, no?

Yes, we've lost the acreage of flight deck, and the space available for cityscape-in-the-sky type conurbations has been restricted, but is it just me or does this version look rather better?

Less flat-top and more ship afloat amongst the clouds?

We retain the hangar entrance nooks and crannies, seen here with various 'Nefs and 'planes busting loose, and the original cut-outs for the roller wheels provided with the model allow for some deck-lift action, bringing craft up ready for launch....

I think the flat rim around the hull edge should offer some space for adding weapon mounts, some habitation and other odds and sods, just enough to break up the outline a little - the vast expanse of flat base would now also mean I can affix all sorts of downward-facing gubbins along the same lines - what do we all think - I guess I have to designate this Mad Idea mark II.....


  1. Seems very...well Miyazaki-esque and that is a good thing.


  2. The wide section in the center would be great for a pair (or two, given the length of the wide area) of paddle wheels.

  3. this way (to me) it just looks like a capsized shi, liked it better the other way. Perhaps you can add tooth pick planking to give the deck an older look?

  4. What an excellent idea- it looks great!

  5. I would still add the small flight deck to the bow to help hide the ship look but do like this way around.

    Personally I would not bother with too much underneath but thats just me :-)


  6. I reckon upside down looks better myself!

  7. Hi guys, thanks for the comments - really helps to bounce ideas of others, and keeps offering a fresh perspective - I'm really liking the way the hangar entrances look, but am concerned about the loss of flight deck - I think it will also need a lot of detailing to distract from that capsized ship look - although as Eli mentioned, that can play into that whole Japanese Studio Ghibli vibe - even shades of Space Cruiser Yamato.... hmmm.....more thinking needed.....

  8. I vote for flipping it over, although you might want to think about running some tubes and whatnots a la "Leviathan" along those vast, flat hull expanses in order to break them up a bit.

  9. Thanks Thaddeus, I was definitely thinking along the same lines - heavy detailing to further break away from the flat-top outline - I've already got a box full of cogs and flywheels etc ready to go, having recycled a couple of defunct wind-up timepieces - so tubing is next on the agenda.

  10. Looking good there! I'd still add planked flight deck either to the front of the forward elevator (wheel hole) or perhaps even better after the aft. elevator and some heavy cannonade in front.

  11. Hi Luka - planked decking seems to be gaining quite a few votes - I must have a practice with scoring some plasticard and see how that goes - and don't worry, having just received an order of various spare gun turrets from Brigade, there will be lots of weaponry included in the final model!