Tuesday, 22 December 2009

2mm Web Resources Update

A quick update now, to the list of resources pertaining to 2mm miniatures available on the Web. Some exciting new developments have been occurring with the start of a new Blog by CJR, and also an interesting new direction taken by an existing Blog, ISeeLeadPeople.

Eli Arndt has always had a whole raft of interesting ideas at the latter Blog, taking in a range of periods and types of miniatures, with plenty of creative work on intellectual backgrounds for gaming - well worth a thorough browse when you have the time!
Now, however, in his pursuit of a new project involving VSF-style Land Ironclads set on Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars, he is branching out into 2mm.

Can't wait to see how it all turns out, but in the meantime, make sure to have a look at his scratch-built Martian cities, and the development of his forces to battle it out on the Red Planet over at:

The new Blog, TwoThreeSixMM, has had a very promising start in describing the author's ideas for the smallest of scale miniatures, which will, amongst other things, be looking at using Irregular's 2mm output to recreate the fantasy worlds envisaged by both Robert E. Howard and Charles Saunders.

There are some nice photos of 2mm wolf packs masquerading as lions, and some great scratch-built buildings and bases for an alternative history campaign.

I definitely think these will both be 'ones to watch' in the coming year, and hope they will just be the vanguard of a new wave of 2mm related gaming to come....... :-)


  1. Thanks for the comments! I hope to keep moving things along in 2010, and look forward to the works of others.
    Chris (CJR)

  2. Eli and I have spoken in length about the 2mm stuff. I played LI at the Siege of Augusta convention last year in January and was hooked. I am not sure if I am going to go full Brigade Models or mix some Irregular in there but I know I am going to be doing some 2mm next year. As for now I do VSF in 15mm mostly. His scratch built cities are also very good.

  3. Thanks for the plug there Steel. I am hoping to work out a few cool projects for my version of the Martians. They are not strickly Barsoomian, but sort of a fusion of various fantastic Martians presented in a number of different sources.