Sunday, 27 December 2009

Dr Who in 6mm: Dino Invasion Part II

Something stirs in the quiet of the English Home Counties; whether evil intent as part of a diabolical master plan, or merely the quirk of the mysteries of Time itself, who can say?
Market day in the town of Lower Throckmorton is about to witness the Invasion of the Dinosaurs!

A pastoral scene; the inhabitants of Lower Throckmorton gather on a Saturday morning and go about their usual business.

The suddenly, something appears at the end of the lane - can it really be?

"Look there, there I tell you, run, run for your lives!"

A scatter of panicking feet leads only to an encounter with more of the giant, fearsome creatures:

Then truly, amidst screams of fear, the hunt begins!

"Flee you fools, while you still can! Who can save us now?"

U.N.I.T. arrives on the scene:
"What do you mean the Brigadier wants us to hold fire until you can see the whites of their eyes, it's the whites of their teeth that I'm worried about!"

"This is a job for the Doctor....."

"Hmm, fascinating, do you think they'd like a JellyBaby?"

Finally, U.N.I.T. Heavy Weapons engage, and the strange prehistoric invaders are vanquished. Yet how did they come from out of the mists of Time in the first place, and who or what caused them to appear........?

A bit of photographic fun, then, with the dinosaur miniatures last seen in their unpainted state.
I found the trio of 10mm types from Pendraken the easiest to paint, in that their sculpts were nice and knobbly allowing for some grandiose dry-brushing rather than any detailed painting being required.
The smoother offerings from Magister Militum were a bit tougher on my limited painting skills, but as you paint them, you begin to appreciate the detail in terms of sculpted tooth and claw that they have managed to put into these; truly some great little monsters!


  1. Excellent! 6mm is really good at skirmish level isn't it?
    Love the buildings - beautifully painted as always - hats off to you SoS!

  2. Hi SoS,

    First up seasons greetings! Secondly, these are absolutely stonking looking! Bravo and Encore!!

    Loved the 'story' as well - great idea and one that I may have to 'borrow' at some point!

    Have a great 2010 and many thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks as always, guys for the comments, these were great fun to paint up, and have me wondering about doing some more, Magister Militum have some news on TMP about releasing Velociraptor sculpts, and I also saw over at Miniature Review that someone is looking to do some sci-fi Dinos in 6mm packing lasers, blasters and armed riders later in 2010 - so maybe more to come along these lines!