Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Fleet Scale Sci-Fi: More BSG Shenanigans

In spite of the irksome interruption (Bah! Humbug....) of the Christmas festivities, I've still managed to get myself mired into more project creep with regard to the Fleet Scale BSG vessels - ably aided and abetted by the Christmas sale over at Brigade Models.

I thought I'd share a couple of pics of the completed Studio Bergstrom Baseship, which paints up nicely - I went for a darker drybrush shade to contrast more with the Galactica, and appear a bit more menacing:

One small fly in the ointment has been my complete inability to locate a parcel of small rare-earth magnets that I was going to use for basing the various craft; in particular the fighters, allied with the trio stands available from Brigade - this has meant that they have yet to be undercoated, as this is best done when already glued in situ - fruitless searches amidst the lead pile continue...sigh....

This did not stop me from casting around for some more candidates to beef up each side, which although not strictly canonical, should do the trick; first up the CDSU Chengzu battlecruiser, SFS-503 from Brigade:

Seen above in its straight out of the packet condition, I think when painted up, should make a good fist of appearing as a class of modern Colonial Cruiser alongside the Galactica et al - the nose shape, I think fits the general design concept, and for that matter, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine it with added carrier bays, either.

For the Cylons, I went for the slightly enigmatic Welsh Dewi class heavy cruiser, SFS-821, which I think has a strong echo of the design of the Cylon fighter about it, as well as in the Cruiser class, scaling quite well alongside a Baseship - I think in the series and spin-offs, there are Cylon heavies that are pretty much one saucer half of the former ship, but I think these will add more interest, and have a certain elan:

So then, a little off track from where I wanted to be right now, but I'm sure it won't be long before these new additions join their respective fleets - now I just need to find those "frakkin" magnets! ;-)


  1. I've always found waving metal around finds those rare earth magnets quickly enough (usually after dropping one on the floor and then kicking it somewhere...)! I have a telescoping pointer perfect for the job. My storage method is to stick them to the nearest metal shelf, leaves me fewer places to look. Which reminds me, I need to order a chunk more from Dom's Decals...


  2. Hi there, that's just where I got mine - if only I could find them - at least I know now where to keep them when I do- metal shelving it is - that's some good advice -ta!