Friday, 31 December 2010

Ruminations at the Year's End, and a Vote of Thanks

Dear All, just thought I'd close the year with some thoughts on what is to come Blog-wise in the near future, and also give a well deserved vote of thanks to all those who have dropped by during 2010.

I can't say that I have served the dedicated reader all that well, given my tendency to dance all over the place and hop from one project to another, but I suppose that the scatter-gun approach does at least bring in a lot more potentially interesting subjects, even if each proves little more than a diversion!

If I were to make a NewYear's resolution worth the paper it was written on, it would be to make an effort to give a more complete picture of a smaller number of developing projects, rather than jumping forward each time some little progress is made in one area or another.

Quite a lot often happens off-Blog, so to speak, and is normally not chronicled because instead of photography, I've moved on to some priming and prep on other minis - good for lead mountain reduction, I s'pose, but not so hot in terms of chronicling my efforts.
Hopefully, then, I'll be trying a somewhat calmer approach - although I won't promise that there will be no brief and unheralded dalliances with whatever takes my fancy...

Of course, the original intent of the Blog was to act as sounding board and organisational tool, so I also want to do more to showcase those future projects that are glimmering faintly on the horizon. Some are appearing brighter than others, and have quite a lot of concrete research behind them already - so you should see more photos in the vein of the Pre-Dred Pic posts, albeit on a totally different subject in the near future.

To gasps of shock and disbelief, no doubt, I am also thinking of stretching the Small-Scale boundaries a bit by moving into some slightly larger sizes of tiny troops, to whit 6 and even 10mm, that have actually formed a decent part of my wargaming activity, but have yet to see any real representation on this Blog.

2mm or smaller afficionados, though, shouldn't worry, my commitment to the tiniest of tinies remains, and next year should see some further work on the 'TNBT' project - 'The Next Big Thing' which will probably form a long term stream of work involving either ACW, the Crimea or Napoleonics.

I'll close then, by wishing you and yours a very Happy New Year, and by saying thanks once again to all those who have taken the time to read the Blog, and moreover, to sign up as Followers, or discuss it further afield - I really can't say how much your support, debate, criticism and cajolery has meant in motivating me to do more.

So as the Ship's cat aboard HMS Renown wonders just how the crew intend to set off the first of the New Year's fireworks (not with the 15" guns, surely?), I'll sign off and hope to see you all again next year!


  1. Hi SoS,

    A great year on the blog and here's to more of the same in 2011! Don't worry about the butterfly project syndrome - I am the leading expert on giving this up as I do it at least once a week...;-)

    Have a great 2011,


  2. Thanks guys, for sticking with me; good to know there are like-minded souls at large! All the Best - see you in the new year!

  3. Indeed Michael, - although I think you are a little biased!

  4. Thanks for all the great posts and eye-candy in 2010 SoS!