Thursday, 3 January 2013

6mm Sci-Fi: Some progress on Real Estate....

Happy New Year to All - and just to prove that I haven't completely disappeared from the Blogosphere, a short photo update on various buildings and scenic items that I managed to work on over the Christmas break.

These were in the main the excellent new 'Junkers' buildings and OKI walls from Angel Barracks, interspersed with some containers and bits an bobs from the Old Crow ranges, here illustrated with some characters from an Irregular Miniatures' Posh Pack:

Real Estate Agent 'Old Ben' shows local first-time buyer Luke around some entry-level properties.....

"What's that smell.....?"

"Ermm - these huts are in your price range, but were last inhabited by some Nerf Herders....."

"If you can qualify for finance from Imperial Mortgages, how about this new luxury large MHU from the OKI Corporation..... check out those solar panels...."

"Maybe this one is more your size.... it would make a good starter home....."

Meanwhile, some unusual activity is detected at the OKI Industrial Complex across town.... everything looks quiet, just the usual range of containers, gas and storage tanks protected by walled compounds:

Local Defence Force troops fan out and scope out some newly delivered hexagonal cargo pods:

Whilst another unit checks out the Radioactive Contaminants Storage Silos near a medium MHU:

Back on the other side of town, Old Ben has finally given up on Luke, who is now being shown some rickety old R2 units by the local Jawa salesman..... "These are the Droids you're looking for...."

An Imperial Speeder unit though, has just noticed the archaic weapon being wielded by Old Ben....."Excuse me Sir, do you have a permit for that thing.....?"

I really enjoyed fooling around with these items - the Junkers buildings in particular were an absolute pleasure to paint, whilst good dry-brush thrashings were liberally handed out to all and sundry to give a suitably gritty and grubby Sci-Futuristic look....

The Nuclear Silos I think are actually Missile Silos from the 15mm ranges once available from Old Crow; since Jez has gone on a work-realted sabbatical, the website shop is sort of defunct, but things can still be bought via a contact shown here:

Some really great things to be found in terms of scenics and related items might still be available from the back catalogue if you ask nicely....

I rather lagged behind in what I wanted to achieve over the last twelve months, but hopefully 'Real Life' will be a little more indulgent in 2013 - here's to a Hobby-filled year for All!


  1. Cool!

    What did you use for Ben and Luke, more Irregular stuff?

  2. ah yes:

    "here illustrated with some characters from an Irregular Miniatures' Posh Pack:"

  3. Yessiree - can always rely on Irregular for the weird and wonderful - mind you, Angel Barracks is fast catching up... and I mean that in a good way! ;-)

  4. Those look very nice, and I can understand the lag in the hobby department!

    To a better 2013...

  5. Hi El G, good to see you back on the Blogosphere, I definitely feel your pain! - if only we were all gentlemen of leisure......

  6. Beautiful! I particularly like the junkers' compound!

  7. Hi Thaddeus, glad you like them, although they're not quite on the scale of your recent 3mm stuff, which is brilliant, BTW, although I hope to do more in the coming couple of months.