Friday, 11 January 2013

Plastic Fantastic: Potential War Rockets

Thought I'd give a closer look at the latest recruits to the 'Plastic Fantastic' project, namely the Kinder Egg spaceships that I think have the potential to become something along the lines of Hydra Miniatures' 'War Rocket', or at the very least some pleasingly rayguns and rockets era vessels that will be fun to paint up....

As far as I can ascertain, these plastic space rockets come in three types, here represented by the green, blue and yellow, and I was lucky enough to score an additional yellow ship from the EBay job lot that I purchased. They have interchangeable fin and tail parts, although further mixing and matching is limited by some of the narrower fuselage designs - the rocket booster at the rear, of course, is common to all three.
There was also a further plastic part that fitted to the bases of the ships to enable them to be fixed 'back to back', as it were, although that is outside of my interpretation, so has been eliminated here.

As you can see, in their constituent parts, at the very least, there are some good candidates for further scratch-building, even if you did not want to follow up on the designs as seen:

The ships obviously come with some of those peel-off adhesive stickers for decoration, although I'll be removing them before painting, I think, as the colours are rather garish.

Apparently, there are keen collectors of the Kinder Toys out there that often mean the prices for these realised on EBay and elsewhere are quite high, so in the true spirit of getting something as cheap as possible, I had to be quite creative in defining the search criteria when finding the lot to bid on - and as ever, where something is mis-labelled or identified, it often gives a better chance of a competition-free auction - 'Kinder Toys Collection, number......' is going to be tougher than, say, 'Plastic Spaceships'...

Scale-wise, these ships are on the large side, I think, if compared to the metal miniatures in the 'War Rocket' line, with either the Galacteer or Imperial factions being perhaps the closest fit in terms of styling:

In any event, they should at least result in some interesting looking ships, and if not, there are potentially plenty of bits for the bits-box!

A final thought would be that on a slight tangent, the cockpit sections in themselves might make pretty nifty shuttles or similar alongside 6mm miniatures.....Hmmm.....


  1. The cockpit sections could make for some nifty 3mm dropships, with the addition of some greeblies.

  2. Yes, they do have some promising potential.
    Good find!

  3. Cheers, guys, some fun to be had, I think, just hope they don't inspire me into another full -blown project!