Thursday, 11 August 2022

15mm Dungeon: Creepies and Crawlies !


Getting back on track recently, with some more traditional dungeon denizens; to whit - all that creeps and crawls !

A range of the gross, horrifying and down right disgustingly ooze-laden critters that would frighten any self-respecting adventure party, have climbed their way up onto the workbench, and squirmed their way under the paintbrush……

First up, some very Old-School blasts from the past that have been part of the Lead Pile for a very long time - the dungeon low-lifes sculpted by Barry Minot for Pendragon Miniatures:

These are a selection of six horrid bug-like things, that although for 25/28mm miniatures, scale well as larger insectoids alongside 15mm:

Now the good news is, that these and all their companions are back in production at the Wargames Design Workshop - that have a great range of long-oop designs, and they are cheap as chips, to coin a phrase !

Alongside offerings from Dixon and QT Miniatures, the Pendragon catalogue is a goldmine of nostalgia - if you like somewhat lumpen, odd-looking minis - just right for my dungeon, I say !

Well worth a scroll through, if you’re looking for something unusual…..

Accompanying them, and from the same stable, some ‘acid spitters’, that I’ve painted up as a giant caterpillar and a pair of maggots, seen here with two of Alternative Armies’ superlative slugs:

Enough to give anyone nightmares ! - I went for a fairly true-to-life paint scheme on these, rather than something more Fantasy-looking, as to me all these sculpts are close enough to pass for the real thing - but I have some more left over in case I want to add more variety later.

Next up, some straightforward Games Workshop plastic spiders and rats - the latter are nice and toothsome, and the former have enough detail to allow you to finesse them as much as you like - I just went with a simplistic yellow-kneed tarantula look - as a confirmed arachnophobe, these also have the advantage of not looking too realistic !

Having made a small water feature earlier, I thought it deserved at least one self-respecting inhabitant, so made use of some 3D printed items I got from a seller on EBay, to produce an octopus, a fearsome land-crab, and a rather glum-looking giant toad:


Finally, for something a bit different, I had a bash at Irregular Miniatures’ 15mm Lurker mini - probably one of the better sculpts in their range - I guess it’s designed for HOTT-like shenanigans, but should not be out of place as a hidden assassin-type in the dungeon - he might not be as creepy as the above, but it is definitely crawling !

Lots of fun was had producing these, and hopefully they will get quite a lot of use as random encounters in any adventure - I think there’s always room for these before introducing anything more exotic.

Talking of exotic, the final flourish is the inclusion of a Plague Icon from Fenris Games, which I’d like to think of as some sort of summoning apparatus for all of the creatures - an object that attracts or sustains them, that could be a plot point that a party might have to destroy or deactivate:

Ostensibly for 28mm, I think another nice fit as an object of interest alongside 15mm:!/FGCTH24-Plague-Icon/p/46775396/category=8719520

Fenris’ stuff is a bit on the pricey side, but always beautifully produced, all sculpts sharp and clean, with some really interesting and unique designs.

Next up, some more Dungeon dressing - namely, Dead Dudes !


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