Tuesday 25 July 2023

15mm Terminator: Civilians


I wanted to add a bit of extra ‘flavour’ to the 15mm Terminator project, so thought it would be good to have some civilians that could be either NPCs or act as plot points or objectives - Terminator must kill, Resistance must save sort of thing….. so delving into Alternative Armies’ extensive catalogue, I invested in some ‘Stellar Refugees’:


These are a nicely characterised family group of four with appropriate impedimenta,  the only caveat is that I didn’t particularly like the look of the male figure and his ‘standing up in shock’ haircut, so felt with a different paint job, the adult female would be a decent stand in…. I very much had in mind the man and his son from The Road, particularly with the option of the useful cart:


So after converting the hover cart into something more ‘near future’ by the simple expedient of adding some wheels chopped from a 6mm vehicle, I came up with this:

The female is now sporting a painted-on beard/stubble, and being tall, I think looks the part - she originally had a sort of sci-fi harness as part of her clothing, but this filed off easily enough, and the gouges I made just added to the overall ragged appearance !

The child figure is leaning forward as it is supposed to be pushing/paired with the cart, but I based him up separately to be of more use - I wanted a wan, worn complexion for them both, but seem to have overdone it somewhat on the kid, who is looking pretty ghostly… maybe appropriate given the shock of the post-apocalyptic lifestyle…….

The girl was a bit more straightforward, with the added bonus of her evocative toy rabbit - the pathos of the refugees trying to hold onto some sort of normality amidst the chaos….

I also added a pet dog in the form of Alternative Armies’ Guard Dog from the Laserburn range:


I wanted him to look quite the mangey cur, and thought he might be useful either as friend or foe - and of course perfect for sniffing out any T-1000s disguised as humans:

Here he is snuffling after Scooby Snacks, or alternatively threatening the refugees last food supply:

He joins the family on the road:

I was pleased to see that these new figures scaled up pretty well alongside the CP Models’ Resistance, given that they would be comparatively well fed in comparison to the strung-out civilians….

“Come with me if you want to live….”

Although the chap with the radio and pistol seems a bit worried about the girl and her toy rabbit - maybe it’s a new kind of disguised Terminator ?

Next, let’s see how they look against the Terminators themselves:

Again, scaling pretty well alongside, so I’m pretty happy overall - next up, when time allows, I’ll be moving on to thinking about scenery and terrain - maybe a small skirmish board or similar, populated with ruined buildings and scrap piles….. talking of scrap…..

“You can’t park that thing here mate…..”

The Terminator was obviously a traffic warden in a previous life…..

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